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Last Updated: 7/7/2024

You got a real estate license, now what?

Congratulations on getting your real estate license. Welcome to a wonderful industry that can give you the life you always dreamed of. My idea of the American dream is being able to do and financially support the things you love. Whether that be traveling or spending time with family. Being a real estate agent can give you the freedom and money to do those things. But, just like any job, you are going to have work hard to get there.

Here are the first 5 steps to become successful:

1. Education & Licensing


2. Choose a Brokerage

Your first decision will need to be what kind of real estate you want to buy and sell, residential or commercial. Once you make that decision, you will want to start interviewing companies that specialize in that field. Yes, that’s right, you want to interview them just as much as they will be interviewing you. Some important questions to ask are: that you have a good feeling about the company and individuals you will be working with. There are so many places for you to hang your license. You can find the perfect fit.

3. Create a Budget

Small business. It is however, much cheaper that starting most small businesses. Start-up costs are going to average $2000-$2500, including education and licensing fees, business cards, advertising, and association fees. Since making money in this industry is largely based on commissions, make sure you have enough money set aside to get you by for a few months.

4. Become a Realtor?

The widely used term Realtor can only be utilized by real estate agents that join the National Association of Realtors (NAR). This will include also include membership with the California Association of Realtors. Joining the association is done at the local level, there are over 100 local associations around California. Becoming a realtor will be largely decided by which brokerage you go to work for, if the brokerage is a member, you must also become a member. Including but not limited to: access to more education, access to certain technology, advocacy, legal advice, and adherence to ethical standards that lead the industry; along with many other benefits.

5. Build your Client Base

Have a portfolio of clients who will think of you first when they need to buy or sell real property. How to build that base is a twostep approach, mentorship and your personal network. First have a mentor that has been in the business for years.

This mentor should help guide you to contacts while teaching you how to operate, you will split commissions on these transactions you work together.

Your personal network is also very important, make sure you reach out to everyone you know, friends and family, and ask if they or anyone they know is looking to buy or sell their home. Don’t just ask once, remember there are hundreds of thousands real estate agents out there, you want to stay top of mind with your personal network.

We hope this info helps get you started on the right path. Revei is always here to help you get licensed.

Good Luck!

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