Revei Company Updates - November 2022

DRE announces new CE requirement on Implicit Bias. What does this mean for you?

Updated December 21, 2022
Originally published October 8, 2022

Get ready real estate licensees, a new continuing education requirement is quickly approaching. According to the California Congress and the Department of Real Estate, as of January 1, 2023 an additional two credit hour course in Implicit Bias will be mandated in the 45 hours of required education. This is due to Senate Bill 263 passed September 2021.

100% of real estate agents and their clients have some kind of implicit, explicit or systemic bias. This course is designed to get those out in the open and determine how to overcome those inherent biases.

Does this apply to you?

This course applies to all real estate agents but the better question is: When do I have to take this course?
If your current license expires after January 1, 2023 then you need to take the course before you can renew the license with DRE.
If your license expires before January 1, 2023 then you do not have to take the course before renewing this time, but you will in four year for the next renewal.

Does Revei offer this CE requirement?

Revei was notified of this update to CE requirements earlier this year and was working with the DRE to get clarity on what the course needs to include. We were finally given that clarity recently and have been working hard to write course material that we will be proud to offer our students. Our implicit Bias course is almost completed and will be submitted for approval shortly. We expect the approval process to go quicker than normal and should have this course ready for our students before the end of the year.
Update in December 2022: As of mid-December we have approval from DRE for this Implicit Bias course and are working all of our customers to retroactively give them this course.

If that past experience does not ring true this time around, don’t worry. All current and future Revei students that expire in 2023 or beyond will be provided the new Implicit Bias course as soon as the DRE approves our offering. We will proactively reach out to our students who need to complete the new requirement and provide you the option(s) for completion.
The bottom line, our clients are part of our family business, we will bend over backwards to make sure you have what you need to renew your license. Call us if you have any questions in the meantime and we will be happy to help.

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